Verifications Plus

Current and/or previous employers are contacted to verify employment. Although information provided varies based on company policy, information reported includes employment dates, title, salary, reason for termination and rehire status. This factual employment data is most often obtained from Human Resources, Management or Payroll staff. Replies are e-linked to you within a few minutes to a few hours. We call or fax every few minutes until the job is done.

Discrete checks are conducted to verify the present address, and address stayed in last three years and permanent address.
Substantiating other relevant details like: Eligibility to rent again, Amount of rent, Lease expiration date, Pays as agreed, any late payments, NSF checks, Balance owing, legal notices, any damages, pets and other customizable questions. Replies are e-linked to you with a few minutes to a few hours. We call or fax every few minutes until the job is done.

Professional License Verification
Any state or federal government issued professional license can be verified - the type of license, whether currently valid, dates issued, state and licensing authority.  There are hundreds of licenses including animal breeders, attorneys, auto sales, beauticians, chiropractic, contracting, court reporters, CPA's, dentistry, doctors, fire arms dealers, hazardous waste disposal, insurance, nurses, paralegals, pilots, real estate, physical therapists, physicians, psychologists, nuclear engineers, securities and investments, security services, travel agents, and veterinarians to name a few.  There is a high instance of job applicants making up or falsifying licenses or credentials

Individual Background Screening Services
While you do need a signed authorization to pull a credit report, there is a lot of information accessible without a signature. With our popular public records search for individual background screening services, you are able to investigate a contractor’s background, pre-screen a nanny, check out a home health care worker, a child’s coach or an online date. Get instant background check results from billions of public records. It is less expensive than you think and you do not need to open an account in order to obtain the service. Call today to discuss the possibilities!

Don't waste your time or money! Get a background check

Hiring home professionals without a criminal background check can be extremely risky.  Any person that provides services such as day care providers, home health care workers, contractors, nannies, coaches etc. have access to your personal property and family.  Make sure the professionals you hire are licensed, certified, and criminal free.

When it is so close to home, how can you afford to be wrong?  Make sure you and your family members are protected!

Online dating without a credible background check is a recipe for disaster!  Both men and women have been known to LIE about their own backgrounds.  Verifying information such as criminal records, debt collection, liens and judgments, education, licensing and certification can be extremely valuable in assessing a potential partner. Use our individual background screening services for your protection and peace of mind.

Don't take a chance on putting your or your family at risk or on wasting valuable money cleaning up after a hiring disaster. Individual background screening services at Credit Investigators USA can give you that peace of mind and help you make the best possible choice when hiring an individual when you are in a position of responsibility.

We are committed to providing you the best information in the least amount of time at a fair and affordable price. Whether you are a nationwide employer or a single unit landlord, we guarantee great customer service!

We welcome you to give Credit Investigators USA a try!

Why should your business outsource this service to us?
Conducting Landlord and Employment verifications are a time consuming and detailed task that requires highly specialized knowledge and resources. It is also subject to numerous legal regulations. Many Property Managers have found that it is an inefficient use of their time and resources to attempt to perform a service that a specialist can do efficiently and cost-effectively. Even Management companies with a full staff have found that outsourcing this service is more efficient and allows their employees to focus on more important tasks that can only be performed inside the business.

Do I need a release from the applicant or volunteer?
You should obtain a signed release from any applicant or volunteer that will be subject to a Verification.

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