Credit Investigators is dedicated to assisting everyone, from large muli-location enterprises to single-location businesses and even the small users needing a report once a year, for all your risk management needs.

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You may set up your account by selecting the service you want and downloading and completing the forms found below and sending them in to us by email at or fax at (407)218-5023.

Please use our Online Quick Report above to accomodate your needs until we have set up your account to pull reports directly from your desktop. Our setup process is usually completed within five (5) to seven (7) business days.
(Requires $150 OnSite Inspection)
(Requires $35 Setup Fee - No OnSite Inspection)

Additional Forms:
New User Setup Form
Credit Card Authorization Form

Ability to report tenant pay habits to Credit Investigators.
No cost Your tenant is more likely to pay rent on time knowing that their pay habits are reported to a Credit Reporting Agency.

Tenant Credit Checks have become more difficult for Small Landlords to obtain. The Federal Trade Commission mandated the Major Credit Bureaus to take drastic measures to ensure that Consumer Privacy is protected. This was as a result of several large databases being hacked by Identity Thieves which resulted in Consumer information being misused for fraudulent purposes.

As a result all Tenant Screening Companies and all Resellers of Consumer information must conduct a physical site inspection on each landlord that wishes to obtain a Consumer Credit Report. If you are operating from your residence then it is an annual site inspection.

Credit Investigators gives Landlords an alternative and makes the registration process easy:
Credit Investigators must act as the screening agent; rate the applicant's Consumer Report and furnish the landlord with a Credit Investigators credit decision report. This report also contains valuable information from Lexis Nexis that identifies the prospective tenant. It verifies the name, date of birth, SSN, current address and lists all previous addresses. 95% of our 25,000 plus Clients receive this report. You will know where your prospective tenant has lived and how many times he/she has moved.
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