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In the United States a total of 227 agents died as a result of violent assaults from 1992 to 2001.
That is over 22 per year. Many more were beaten, raped, or robbed.

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Crime is all around us!
How safe do you feel?

Read some of the shocking stories:
Among the stories
227 agents died
Atlanta Agents on Edge
Las Vegas Realtor Recovers After Rape and Assault
May assault prompt Great Falls realtors
Why are Realtors a target?
Texas Murder Raises Concerns for Real Estate Agent Safety
Local Realtors Say in Light of Assault
Airman charged with sexual assault on Realtor

Local Assault on Realtor
Realtor attacked on the job
A frightening week end assault in Ottumwa
St. Louis Real Estate Agent Assaulted
Realtor Attacked, Tied Up
Realtor assaulted

6/6/11 – Another Realtor Assaulted
Realtor Recounts Being Attacked
Police Arrest Sex Offender
A convicted sex offender
Targeting female real estate agents
Realtor Harmoni Sandlin said
Man found guilty in assault on Realtor

The National Association of Realtors
The National Association of Realtors reports an increase in crimes against real estate agents in recent years.
These crimes, ranging from minor thefts and assaults to rapes and even murder, occur throughout the country.

Learn Real Estate Agent Safety
Now You Can Learn the Secrets to Protect Yourself against Assault - Rape - Robbery

Realtor Safety Tips:
Realtor Safety Tips

Run our instant criminal reports and be safe!

Hank Mess Criminal Report

Run our Instant Criminal Search AND KNOW who you are meeting with!

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