Dear Friends in Ministry and Volunteer Organizations

There is a prevailing fear in churches and volunteer organizations today. It affects pastors, volunteer organizations, parents, and youth leaders. I'm sure you know what it is.
It is the very real fear that a sex predator could infiltrate a volunteer team and commit unspeakable acts against children.

Unfortunately, statistics show that churches, Volunteer Organizations, families, and children are being victimized at an alarming rate. The church has become the last "safe" place for those who prey on innocent children, mainly because we have not routinely implemented background check programs that require an inexpensive personal and criminal background check on our volunteers.

Consider these shocking statistics:
  • Every 43 hours at least one convicted sex offender tries to attain a position at a youth-oriented non-profit organization. (Requiring a personal background check will deter potential threats from going any further!)
  • One in 100 churches and volunteer organizations will experience allegations of sexual misconduct by a volunteer who did not undergo a personal and criminal background check.
  • 50 percent of all abuse cases are committed by volunteers. (A background check program would drastically reduce this number!)
  • YET, only a small number of Churches and Volunteer organizations conduct a background check, or have background check programs of any kind.
If you work in the church—or lead volunteers—you have probably laid awake at night with these same fears or concerns:
  • Can I really trust my volunteers?
  • Could a pedophile make his or her way into our program and ultimately harm a child?
  • Can we, as a Church, or volunteer organization legally perform a personal background check or criminal background check?
These questions plague most volunteer leaders; I know.

In fact, we get calls to our office almost every day looking for real, practical solutions to make Christian, secular volunteer programs safer; ways to use a personal and criminal background check—AND strategies to use a volunteer background check to ensure that our children and teens are safe. If you're like most people responsible for hiring and training volunteers, you take your responsibility very seriously, and would never endanger the children or teens in your church or Volunteer Organization.

Here are the common concerns I hear most often from leaders of volunteers on this issue:
  • You care deeply about the safety of the children, teens, disabled, and even senior citizens in your church or volunteer group.
  • You know you should be do a personal background check on your new volunteers but don't know where to start
  • You worry that people will be offended or hurt if you require a volunteer background check.
  • You've been tasked with creating a church or volunteer group handbook to outline your volunteer programs' safety guidelines and are feeling overwhelmed.
  • You want to be sure that you are acting legally as you perform a personal and criminal background check on your volunteers.
If you're scared about what could happen or confused about what your church or volunteer organization can do—you're not alone.

Safety is a hot topic in most churches or Volunteer Organizations today. You can barely go a week without hearing another news story of a child being molested by someone in a position of authority in a church or volunteer setting. The days of thinking this issue won't affect my church…my organization…my children are over. This is an issue we inside the Church and Volunteer organizations must face head on.

Which of these are the most critical questions on the subject of child safety?
  • How do we know WHO needs to be included in background check programs?
  • Is it wrong to single out certain types of volunteers for this process?
  • How time consuming is it to implement background check programs into our Christian, or secular volunteer programs for our already busy staff and volunteers?
  • I'm concerned about the cost of obtaining a background check, but feel that cost can't be compared to the protection of our church or Organization members and their Children.
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